Agnieszka Wienand o nowym kasku Sebastiana Vettela

Agnieszka Wienand o nowym kasku Sebastiana Vettela

Sebastian Vettel is using a one-off helmet livery at the Japanese Grand Prix for the second year in a row this weekend. Just like last year, the design was co-created by Polish artist Agnieszka Wienand, in cooperation with Jens Munser Designs. Before this year’s race, she talked with ŚwiatWyścigó’s Roksana Ćwik.

Polska wersja dostępna tutaj

Last year a lot of fans were impressed by Sebastian Vettel’s helmet livery for the Japanese Grand Prix. Did you expect so many reactions?
To be honest, I didn’t expect to receive so much positive feedback. You always look at your own work more critically than others.

You are the co-creator of the design this year as well. How does it feel to see your work being used by a multiple world champion?
The feelings are high every time – joy, happiness, relief, proudness, thankfulness… The most satisfying is then I see that the design is liked and receives positive feedback.

Do you know how both helmets were received by the man himself?
Yes, positively.

Last time the design incorporated cherry flowers and koi carps. What’s on the helmet this year?
This year once again we included a Ninja warrior, but it’s red this time. The German flag is made up of origami birds and the number ‘5’ is created in a folding technique. The whole theme fits the Japanese Grand Prix just fine.

How did you get interested in the Japanese culture and what do you find most inspiring in it?
I got interested the moment I was given a book on Japanese paintings. Since then I read a lot about their history, art and architecture. I admire Japanese culture and I am most fascinated by the lifestyle and manners.

Did you get a chance to create helmets for other drivers or participate in other motorsport-related projects?
I didn’t get the chance yet [smile]. For years I have been a Sebastian Vettel fan, but if other drivers would be interested, I would be as well. I participated in various helmet design competitions to stay in form and to win as well.



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